Who Can Doubt The “Strong Secular Credentials” Of Your Movement Mr. Kejriwal?

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Yes Mr. Kejriwal, you are absolutely right in asserting the strong "secular credentials" of your movement. It is because you are saying so.

Who cares for the fact that at least two of the top leaders of your anti-corruption movement have been participating in the Dharma Sansads organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, sharing the worldview offered by the Prishad. Only the “secular” “socialist” stupids would make too much of the India Today report titled 'Hindu God Squad' pointing out that "If the highlight of day one was the arrival of Jayendra Saraswati, shankaracharya of Kanchi, day two saw Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, guru of the swish set, unobtrusively seat himself in the stage's second row..,"
Here's the link.

Who on our ‘mother earth' has proven their secularism more than the members of the VHP?

Please don't even give a damn to these scoundrels always out for the blood of the benign saints belonging to righteous VHP. When have they talked positively of any aspect of this social world? These buggers.!

Yes, Mr Kejriwal, you are right in asserting the 'strong secular credentials" of your movement. Why, because you are saying so.

Let the cynics raise a hue and cry over chasing away Mr. Sharad Yadav (of course without any prejudices) while letting Ram Madhav, one of the top leaders of Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh(RSS) grace the stage with his august presence. They are discussing it everywhere, from Dainik Jagaran to The Hindu.

I understand that you may be inclined not to believe a Hindi news paper, owing to your membership of the not so elite circles of 'civil society', so, here is the link from The Hindu as well,

But tell me, isn't a ‘nationalist' Ram Madhav always preferable to Sharad Yadav, that student of Lohia and a champion of ‘casteist' politics?

Further, who can be stupid enough to doubt the "strong secular credentials" of “nationalist” RSS? After all, RSS has a glorious past of upholding secularism, isn't it?

Yes, Mr Kejriwal, the 'strong secular credentials" of your movement are irrefutable. Why, because you are saying so.

It's so perplexing, therefore, to understand why these thugs are making so much fuss about a ‘havan' performed at Jantar Mantar immediately after the ‘victory'.

Link- http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2011-04-09/news/29400617_1_anna-hazare-jantar-mantar-sudersh-adhikaro

So what? Is not performing ‘havan' a part of our glorious legacy, our national and ‘natural' culture? Why do these buggers want to ‘hinduise' everything, even the most innocuous secular act of performing a ‘havan'?

It could have been a little better, though, if we were informed about the role of Christian and Muslim religious leaders present there during these ‘havans. Did they too make offerings to the sacred fire, or wanted to? In that case, we could have shut these idiots accusing you of prejudices immediately.

Furthermore, in any case this havan was preannounced by some Free Hindus on their website. ( note that they are not merely Hindus, they are free as well and therefore secular). http://freehindu.com/2011/04/celebrations-at-jantar-mantar-to-celebrate-anna-hazares-victory/

This shows how democratic was the process of decision making in the movement. Some free Hindus announced that they would perform a havan, and everyone agreed to participate.

Aah, that reminds me of also the fact that Mufti Shamoom Qasmi and archbishop of Delhi Vincent M Concessao “are among the founders of this movement” and Mahmood A Madani “an active supporter.”

What else does one need to do to make something an all-religion affair? I don't understand that. Did they want you to have these two in the leadership as well? How many of their cohorts they lead to be eligible for sitting on the same dais with Baba Ramdev and Shri Shri who command the support of millions? Isn't being listed as founders/supporters enough?

These buggers cannot stop engaging in the politics of appeasement. Shun them.

How can anyone doubt the ‘strong secular credentials' of your movement Mr Kejriwal? I don't.

Good that you reminded everyone of ‘sarv dharm prarthana' being organized there every day? Is not that more than required to show the inclusiveness of the movement?

Yes Mr. Kejriwal, you are absolutely right in asserting the strong "secular credentials" of your movement. It is because you are saying so.

All you need to tell these people asking uncomfortable questions about the ‘havan' is to shut up. Their questions like if the havan was followed by a MASS, or if a shukraane kee namaaj (prayers thanking the almighty for the victory) was offered are nothing more than stupid. Period.

Does not Hinduism incorporates the secular traditions within itself?

I believe the strong and secular credentials of your movement Mr Kejriwal. I believe because you are saying so.

How does it matter that that Anna Hazare did not forget to remind everyone of the wounds Pakistan have caused him? Yes we know it; rather, we knew it all along. The wounds were not a result of his participation in a war, Pakistan has individually targeted him. Maybe the Nazoomis (astrologers, like us, they too have a lot of them) on their side had calculated that this guy would make India corruption free in future and then in the race for supremacy, India would surge past Pakistan forever.

This is why he opposed the reality show Big Boss(oh my, oh my he had time for that!) because of the presence of Pakistani artists as recently as in October 2010! Here is the NDTV link for that


Can one think of a better way of normalizing relations with a neighboring country than participating in movements against its ‘artists' with a political outfit that specialises in digging cricket pitches?

Remain assured; we believe the secular credentials of your movement.

For those who do not, you can shut them up in one of the best methods of non violent Gandhian tradition; we can tie them up to a pole and beat them with shoes as Anna's people do with alcoholics in Ralegaon Siddhi.

Link- http://kafila.org/2011/04/14/the-making-of-an-authority-anna-hazare-in-ralegan-siddhi/